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Company Formation Slovakia



Types of Slovak Companies

Updated on Monday 18th December 2017

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Several types of companies can be established in Slovakia, according to the needs and possibilities of the owners. Each type of legal structure has its own particularities and our Slovak experts in company formation matters can advise you upon the most suited type for your business needs.

Sole proprietorship in Slovakia

The Sole proprietorship (živnostník) is a type of business managed and owned by a single investor with unlimited liability. The registration costs are minimal and the duration of the process doesn’t exceed one week. This type of business may not be sold, unlike the companies.

Limited liability company in Slovakia

The limited liability company in Slovakia (Spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným) is a company based on a share capital of 5,000 Euro and can be founded by at least one shareholder (maximum 50). The management of the limited liability company in Slovakia is assured by an Executive appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders. A Supervisory board can also be appointed. For more information about the particularities of limited liability companies in Slovakia, you may contact our team of specialists in company incorporation matters.

Joint Stock Company in Slovakia

Joint Stock Company in Slovakia (Akciová spoločnosť) is a type of company designed for a large business. The minimum share capital is 25,000 Euro divided into stocks. A joint stock company can perform business activities only after the registration with the Commercial Registry.

There are two types of joint stock companies: public or private.
A Public joint stock company has a part of its shares listed on a stock market from members of the European Economic Area. These shares are freely transferable unlike the shares of a Private joint stock company. A public joint stock company may be transformed into a private joint stock company if the shareholders decide so during a General Meeting. A reserve fund must be created and consists in 10% of the joint stock company’s capital. The management of the joint stock company is assured by the general meeting of the shareholders, the board of directors and the supervisory board. The number of Directors may be stated in the Articles of Incorporation. The Supervisory Board must consist in at least three members.

General Partnership in Slovakia

A Slovakian General Partnership (verejná obchodná spoločnosť) is no different from the rest of the general partnerships around the world. The partners are equally liable for the company’s debts even with their own personal assets. All the decisions are equally taken by the partners, unless it’s stipulated differently in the Articles of Incorporation.
The limited partnership (komanditná spoločnosť) in Slovakia is a rare form of partnership. It is based on a partnership agreement between two or more partners, called the general partners and the silent partners. The silent partners must make a contribution to the share capital of at least 250 Euro. Their liability is in the limit of their contribution. The general partners are not required to make any initial contribution and have unlimited liability and decisional power. 
Branches may be opened in Slovakia and you can read more about these business forms in our article. Another business structure that can be established in Slovakia is the subsidiary. Our specialists in company formation in Slovakia can provide you with assistance whether you want to expand your business in this country or you want to open a new company here.

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