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Open a HORECA Company in Slovakia

Updated on Wednesday 06th May 2020

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open-a-horeca-company-in-slovakia.jpgThe tourism industry in Slovakia has developed significantly since the country gained its independence, representing a strategic priority for the local authorities at the present. 
The entire number of domestic and foreign visitors who are staying in accommodations here were 3.8 million in 2015, of whom 1.5 million came from foreign jurisdictions. 
An important sector of this industry is the hotel-restaurant-café one, commonly known as the HORECA
Our company formation advisors in Slovakia can assist investors who are interested to open a company in this sector in Slovakia.

What is the most popular type of HORECA business structure in Slovakia?

The most popular type of HORECA company in Slovakia chosen by foreign entrepreneurs is the limited liability company (SRO).
In order to register a SRO in Slovakia, the foundation documents have to be gathered first. These documents consist of:
  • - The address and the name of the HORECA firm;
  • - The details related to the founders: their names, their professional background, their experience and so on;
  • - The activity type: in this case, it might be a hotel, a restaurant or a catering activity;
  • - The amount of capital: the capital which the investors place in the business;
  • - Other documents: our Slovak company formation consultants can provide more information on what these other documents consist of.

How can my HORECA business acquire a trade license?

This license is obtained from the respective trade licensing office or by the special state authorities. Our Slovakia company formation agents can offer further details related to the license needed in order to open a HORECA business in Slovakia.

What licenses does a restaurant need in Slovakia?

Restaurants in Slovakia must acquire different licenses, which prove that the establishment abides by the regulations of the domestic legislation.
A restaurant in this jurisdiction must obtain a license which attests that the employees are able to handle the food according to the laws related to this sector.

What are the hotel regulations in Slovakia?

If you want to invest in Slovakia in the HORECA sector, you should know the main regulations. For example, the hotel regulations which are put in place in Slovakia are meant to confer equal standards to those of other EU jurisdictions.
There are several types of accommodation structures which can be opened here, which include apartments, garni hotels, mountain hotels, wellness hotels and others.
For further details related to setting up a HORECA business in Slovakia, or for help in starting a business in Slovakia, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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