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Shelf Companies in Slovakia

Updated on Tuesday 26th October 2021

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shelf-companies-in-slovakia.jpgAre you are a foreign entrepreneur with a fantastic idea looking to do business in Slovakia immediately?
A shelf company in Slovakia allows you to do just that. Shelf companies, also called ready-made companies, are business entities which were formed specifically to be sold to entrepreneurs. 
This type of companies have no assets or liabilities and have not engaged in business activities prior to their purchase by the foreign entrepreneur. Our company formation advisors in Slovakia can offer assistance in the purchase of shelf companies in this country.

Types of shelf companies in Slovakia

Investors are generally interested in buying shelf companies in Slovakia which are “clean”, having no previous activities on the market and which are S.R.O. (limited) companies. The main benefit of this type of organization is represented by the fact that the entrepreneur can start doing business sooner than if he or she had to open a new company in Slovakia.
Obviously, the registered capital of such company is paid fully, the company registration number is already issued and the tax number registration with the tax authorities in Slovakia is also already available.

The main characteristics of Slovak shelf companies

Shelf companies are also known as aged or ready-made companies which respect the provisions of the Slovak Company Law upon registration. The only difference between these and new companies is their age. As features, a shelf company in Slovakia comes with:
  1. all the incorporation documents ready and requiring only amendments where the new owner desires;
  2. a trading name, as all companies in Slovakia must have trading names upon incorporation;
  3. a tax identification number (as a registered company, it must also register with the tax authorities);
  4. nominee shareholders and directors (who need to be appointed when registered with the Companies House);
  5. a registered address or seat, just like any other local company legally incorporated in Slovakia;
  6. the company can also have a history if it has completed commercial activities in the past.
Shelf companies can come in many forms, however, the most common one is the private limited liability company.
Other features of a ready-made company in Slovakia is the VAT registration number, which can be already obtained before the purchase or can be obtained after it is bought. Aged shelf companies with a history behind will usually have VAT numbers.
For complete information on the purchase of shelf companies, you can rely on our Slovak company formation specialists.

Procedure of purchasing a shelf company in Slovakia

In order to purchase a shelf company in Slovakia through our Slovak company formation firm, the following simple steps are required:
  • You send us your order form via email or simply over the phone;
  • The shelf company is reserved for you and you pay the agreed invoice;
  • We get ready all the necessary documents;
  • You sign all the documents;
  • You become the new owner of the S.R.O. company in Slovakia!
  • We make sure to process the changes with the Commercial Register;
We make all other necessary arrangements, if required, so that you can start doing business in the country asap. Our Slovakia company formation professionals can offer more details on what these other arrangements might be.

The sale-purchase agreement for an aged company in Slovakia

The main document related to the purchase of a shelf company in Slovakia is the sale-purchase agreement which is completed during the meeting between the seller and the buyer. The agreement must be drafted by a public notary and signed in front of him/her by the parties.
The sale-purchase contract must contain information about the parties in the transaction and about the Slovak company. The agreement can also take the form of a share transfer contract.
If you want to open a company in Slovakia and need information about the purchase of a ready-made company, our local advisors can explain the steps to complete in order to have a functional business.

Changes which can be made in a ready-made company in Slovakia

As mentioned above, the shelf company comes with all the necessary documents, however, the new owner will need to make some changes with the Trade Register in order to become the owner, or better said, the shareholder in the company.
The main changes one can make when buying a ready-made company in Slovakia refer to the trading name (this procedure is quite simple to complete). Then, the registered address of the company, the names of the shareholder and director must also be changed. All these changes must be recorded in the Articles of Association of the company by amendment. The changes must also be registered with the Trade Register in Slovakia. It is possible for all changes to be made at once in order simplify the procedure.
Our company registration consultants in Slovakia can help you make changes in your company, no matter if it is a ready-made company you just purchased or not.

VAT registration and licensing of shelf companies in Slovakia

It is not mandatory for a Slovak company to obtain a VAT number upon registration, especially when it comes to companies intended for sale. This is why, when purchasing a ready-made company, the buyer should ask beforehand about this aspect, if they are interested in buying a company which has a VAT number. If it hasn’t been registered for VAT, the procedure is quite simple, and you can get help from our accountants in Slovakia.
With respect to the licenses required to start the activities through a Slovak shelf company, these must be obtained with the relevant authorities, based on the objectives of the new owner.
If you need help in applying for licenses and permits for your shelf company, our agents in Slovakia can help you.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a Slovak ready-made company

Buying a shelf company is an important decision. Even if it simple to make, there are numerous aspects to consider before the actual acquisition. For example, companies registered under the Company Law can be offered for sale under various legal forms. However, the most sold or better sought for purchase entity is the private limited liability company.
Since there are various providers of such companies, foreign investors might also want to check the entity they choose to buy in order to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. From this point of view, our Slovak company formation officers can perform a few checks with the Trade Register (all companies, including ready-made ones are recorded with the Commercial Registrar, therefore they are easy to verify).
Another aspect to take into account when deciding on a shelf company is what it will be used for. One of its main advantages is that it has multiple uses, which is why this is an important aspect to consider.
Here are the main uses of a shelf company in Slovakia:
  1. the integration of the history of a foreign enterprise in the Slovak company for relocation purposes;
  2. it is also a simple option for first-time investors who want to develop large projects in Slovakia and need a well-reputed company;
  3. it can be used for obtaining financing with Slovak financial institutions (these often require extensive paperwork);
  4. it can also be employed for private-public partnership with the local authorities;
  5. it can also be used for setting up joint ventures with other domestic businesses;
So, the aged company can be used for multiple purposes, however, a thorough research of the market is advised before starting a business in Slovakia.
What should be noted is that Slovak ready-made companies are only registered for general purpose, therefore they have no licenses. So, if you plan on using it for operations in industries that require specific business permits, these must be obtained separately which can lead to delays in the actual launch of the operations.

The cost of a ready-made company

Many investors who decide to set up businesses in Slovakia consider various options and ask our local advisors about the fastest way of launching their operations. While some of them choose to register new companies, other decide on shelf companies, but they are confused about the difference in the price ranges these entities come with.
First of all, one should know that the older a company is, the higher its price will be. This also occurs because when seeking to obtain financing with a Slovak bank, for example, the bank will require the history of the business. Secondly, the shelf company can have or have not a VAT number, and in the first case, the cost will be higher. However, you can rest assured that when choosing a business without a VAT number, the registration for this purpose is completed quite simple.
On a general note, the shelf company is more expensive compared to the costs of starting a new business, which is why this one of the most important things to consider when deciding on entering the Slovak market.
No matter the choice, foreign entrepreneurs can find in our company registration officers in Slovakia reliable partners.

Why purchase a Slovak shelf company?

The acquisition of a shelf company is one of the simplest ways of having an up & running business in Slovakia without going through the entire incorporation procedure. At the same time, purchasing a ready-made company comes with additional benefits among which the possibility of transferring the assets and history of another business into the one bought.
Slovak aged companies are reliable vehicles under which investor can launch their operations in the shortest time possible.
When well selected, the ready-made enterprise can help with the creation of a positive corporate image. The enhance it, the new business owner can also register its name as a trademark and thus obtain additional protection.

Can a shelf company be used for the creation of an e-commerce business?

The internet is full of opportunities and e-commerce companies are the main ways through which these opportunities can be exploited. The shelf company can be a means to launch such a business, the only requirement is to attach a website to it and start operating. You will also need to set up a merchant account for processing online payments and your online business is ready to operate.
If you need assistance to open an e-commerce business, such as an Amazon store, you can rely on our local representatives for support. 

Shelf company vs. new company in Slovakia

While both options are viable, foreign investors can choose the shelf company when they want to start operating in a short period of time after entering Slovakia. However, the purchase of a shelf company can be more expensive than that of registering a new Slovak company.
With respect to Slovakia as an investment destination:
  • - the first quarter of 2019 brought a 3.7% economic increase on a year-to-year basis;
  • - the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 0.9% compared to the last quarter of 2018, according to the Slovak Statistics Office;
  • - the employment level has also gone up in the first quarter by 1.8% on annual basis;
  • - 2019 is expected to deliver a 3.6% GDP growth for Slovakia, according to the Statistics Office.
If you would like to purchase a shelf company in Slovakia, as well as if you need advice in starting a new business entity in Slovakia, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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