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EORI Registration in Slovakia

Updated on Tuesday 07th April 2020

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Local and foreign investors who open companies in Slovakia have the possibility of operating in many prolific industries. Among these, the trading sector is one of the most important for Slovakia’s economy, however, when involved in import-export operations with companies in other EU member states, local businesses must adhere to the Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) system.
The EORI system was enabled in 2009 at the level of the entire European Union. Slovakia as a member of the Union has also implemented the system in its national legislation and companies here now can obtain EORI numbers in a fast manner.
Below, our company registration consultants in Slovakia explain the EORI registration procedure. We can help investors who open companies here to file for EORI registration in Slovakia.

How does the EORI system work?

The EORI system was created in order to replace the Trader’s Unique Reference Number (TURN) system and implies the assignment of codes based on the VAT numbers of economic operators which are valid on the entire territory of the European Union.
The EORI system is governed by EU Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92 and our local consultants in Slovakia can offer more information on the national legislation which relies of the European Regulation.

The EORI system in Slovakia

EORI registration becomes mandatory when a company engages in import/export activities with a business located in another EU country. The company is required to register with the Customs Administration which will issue the EORI number.
It is possible for foreign companies trading with Slovak companies to obtain their EORI numbers the first time they enter the country. However, they are advised to apply for EORI registration before arriving to Slovakia.
All EORI numbers are issued based on the VAT numbers of businesses, which implies Slovak companies must register for VAT no matter if they have reached the mandatory registration threshold or not.
If you want to open a company in Slovakia and need information on the steps to complete in order to obtain an EORI number, our local consultants can advise you.

Who needs to register for EORI in Slovakia?

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, companies operating in the trading industry are required to file for EORI registration in Slovakia. However, it is important to note that natural persons and sole traders must also obtain EORI numbers when involved in cross-border sales of goods and services on the territory of the European Union.
The EORI number is issued by the Customs Authority in Slovakia upon the first import or export activity registered by an operator. There are several requirements to complete before applying for an EORI number in Slovakia and that is to obtain a VAT number.
It is important to note that foreign companies operating through branch offices and subsidiaries in Slovakia are required to comply with various EORI registration requirements. In the case of subsidiaries, the EORI registration is a mandatory requirement for the Slovak company. In the case of branch offices set up in Slovakia, it is possible for these to use their parent companies’ EORI numbers if they have such numbers.
Our Slovak company formation specialists can guide you through the procedure of applying for an EORI number with the Customs Authority.
We invite you to read about the EORI registration process in Slovakia below:

How to apply for an EORI number in Slovakia

The EORI registration process in Slovakia is simple an implies completing several actions. The first one, for companies or individuals who do not have VAT numbers is to obtain them with the Financial Administration in Slovakia.
For companies and other economic operators who have obtained their VAT certificates, the EORI registration application can be completed by filing documents such as:
  1. the application form(s) and the VAT certificate issued by the Customs Authorities in Slovakia;
  2. a copy of the identification document (ID or passport) of the person applying for the EORI number;
  3. a document indicating the identification data of the company (information issued by the Trade Register and tax authorities);
  4. holders of TIR Carnets must also submit a copy of their carnets with the Customs Authority.
It is important to note that before issuing the EORI number, the authorities will first verify if the company already has such a number. Then, it will issue the EORI number within a maximum period of 5 days.
If you want to open a company in Slovakia, our agents can help you register it, but also obtain VAT and EORI numbers for trading activities.

When must the EORI number be used?

After the issuance of the EORI number, a Slovak business must use it for every customs operation. This means that every time the company imports or exports goods in/outside the country, it will use its EORI number which will lead to less operational effort for the Slovak Customs Administration, as well as faster processing and waiting times for the company.
The EORI number is usually issued within 24 hours for local companies and about 5 working days for foreign companies seeking to obtain it in Slovakia.
You can rely on our Slovak company formation representatives for complete information on the steps to complete in order to register for EORI in the shortest time possible.

Import and export activities based on EORI numbers in Slovakia

Even if the EORI number can be used for other activities such as warehousing and temporary storage, the main operations it is used for are related to import and export of goods. For this purpose, a Slovak company is required to provide the EORI number to the customs authorities of the country it trades in.
It is useful to note that once registered for EORI, a Slovak company has the option of letting Customs to publish its EORI details with the European Commission. This way, all EU member states will be able to access the database and simplify the import-export procedures for the respective company.
Another important aspect to consider is that even if a Slovak company has an EORI number, it doesn’t exempt the company from filing the documentation associated to the goods and products entering or exiting Slovakia. Moreover, for specific categories of goods, special certificates are required.
Among the documents to accompany goods entering and exiting Slovakia through Customs, we mention the following:
  • - the Single Administrative Document (SAD);
  • - invoices and documents as required by the EU Customs Code;
  • - certificates of origin and various declarations.
For goods imported from non-EU countries, the list of documents can be more extensive.
If you plan on setting up a trading company in Slovakia, our agents can help you register it and apply for all the necessary licenses and permits, including EORI numbers.

Activities to be completed based on Slovak EORI numbers

Even if the most important activities that be completed through an EORI number are related to imports and exports, there are other activities that be completed by Slovak companies based on these numbers, and among these we mention:
  • - temporary storage and warehousing of goods;
  • - inward customs procedures;
  • - temporary admission procedures;
  • - transit and transportation.
In terms of trading, Slovakia:
  • - in November 2019, imports decreased by 5.8% on a year-to-year basis, reaching 7,152 million euros;
  • - 67.5% of the country’s total imports came from the European Union;
  • - in terms of exports, these too registered a 4.3% slowdown in November 2019, generating a turnover of 7,309 million euros;
  • - exports to the EU increased by 0.6% and represented 84.4% of the total exports.

Validity of Slovak EORI numbers

EORI numbers do not have an expiration date, however, when a Slovak company is liquidated or ceases it activities for any other reason, it can also de-register from the EORI system. Also, when entering back into business, the same EORI number will be re-assigned to it, provided that he company’s representatives apply for registration again.
The procedure of EORI registration in Slovakia is simple and only takes a few days to complete, however, it depends on how soon the business file the required documents. If you need help in preparing the documents for reapplying for an EORI number, our agents in Slovakia can help you.

FAQ on EORI registration in Slovakia

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions on obtaining an EORI number in Slovakia:
  1. Do individuals need to apply for an EORI number?
Natural persons need to apply for EORI numbers if they engage in trading activities within the EU. In order to obtain the EORI number, they will need to submit their identification papers.
  1. Are there any differences between EORI number of local and foreign companies?
The EORI number of each economic operator is unique, no matter if it is a local or foreign one.
  1. What happens if I don’t use the EORI number for a long time?
Nothing happens if interruptions in the activity occur, as de-registration is possible if the company’s administrators or managers request it.
  1. Can foreign companies apply for EORI registration when first entering Slovakia?
It is advised for the EORI application to be submitted by email at least week before arriving to Slovakia in order to avoid staying at the border until the number is issued.
  1. Is it necessary for the company owner him/herself to apply for EORI registration in Slovakia?
Not necessarily, as a representative can be appointed. The proxy will need to provide their ID or passport with the Customs.
For assistance in EORI registration in Slovakia, do hesitate to contact our company formation representatives.


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