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Slovak Holding Company

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Solvak Holding Companies
Holding companies are a special kind of companies, in the way that they own stocks in others, but they do not interfere directly with their operations. 
The holding company is a business that is charged with owning other companies which are called subsidiaries. The holding company’s board of directors usually controls the other companies. In case you want to open a holding company in Slovakia, you can ask our experts in company formation for advice.

 Quick Facts  
  Legal entities used

Private and public (joint stock) limited liability company, partnership (general or limited), cooperative

Incorporation method

Standard incorporation with the Trade Register

Incorporation time 

 Approx. 11 weeks

Access to double tax treaties, holding various types of assets (real estate, stock, intellectual property rights)

Precautions Must have a registered address in Slovakia
Shareholding structure

At least one shareholder and one director (no restrictions apply on their nationalities)

Minimum Capital

Approx. EUR 5,000 for private company, approx. 25,000 EUR for public company (30% must be paid upon incorporation)

Taxation Standard corporate tax of  21%, access to the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive
Control Full control over the assets held in its subsidiaries
Accounting and Reporting Companies must file annual financial statements
Number of double taxation treaties Approx. 70

Various aspects of a Slovak holding company

A holding company in Slovakia is allowed to be registered as:
If a legal structure is 100% owned by the holding company, then it becomes a wholly owned subsidiary. Furthermore, a big corporation might decide on structuring itself as a holding company with many subsidiaries for different purposes: one can own its trademarks; another one can own its real estates and another can operate each franchise. In this way, every subsidiary has limited legal as well as financial liability. This limited liability also applies to the holding company itself. 

The main features of holding companies in Slovakia

Those who want to open holding companies in Slovakia, no matter if they are foreign or local investors, must comply with the provisions of the Company Law. However, it should be noted that a holding company has other features than trading companies.
Here are the main characteristics of holding companies in Slovakia:
  • - the holding company has the role of a parent company and it can have one or multiple subsidiaries;
  • - the holding must have a sufficient number of shares and capital which guarantees it voting rights in the subsidiaries;
  • - the holding can control a subsidiary’s policies and management decisions, however, it cannot complete day-to-day activities in it;
  • - holding companies can own various types of assets, among which real estate, shares, and even intellectual property rights.
Even if all business forms mentioned above can be used to create a Slovak holding company, foreign investors will usually prefer the limited liability company which ensures a limited responsibility of the shareholders.
If you want to open a company in Slovakia and need information about the requirements you need to respect, our local consultants are at your disposal for guidance.

Documents required for holding company registration in Slovakia

Just like in the case of other business entities, the incorporation of a holding company in Slovakia implies preparing a set of documents that need to be filed with the Trade Register. Among these, we remind the following:
  • - information about the shareholder(s);
  • - proof of depositing the share capital;
  • - proof of the legal address in Slovakia;
  • - the holding company’s statutory documents.
The documents that need to be filed with the Companies Register in Slovakia depend on the structure of the holding company. It is important to note that a Slovak holding needs to register with the tax authorities in this country.

How long does it take to open a holding in Slovakia?

Given the fact that the company registration procedure is the same for many types of businesses, the same goes when opening a Slovak holding company. The procedure can be completed in approximately 10 weeks. The lengthiest process is taken up by the settlement of a bank account, as there are various formalities to complete.
So, if you are considering setting up such an enterprise in this country, you can rely on our Slovak company formation agents for support.
We invite you to read about the opening of a holding company in Slovakia in the scheme below:


Special provisions on holding companies in Slovakia

Slovakia is an EU member state which is why holding companies here can obtain all the benefits resulting from this membership. However, Slovakia has other specific regulations which make this business form very appealing especially for foreign investors.
One of the most notable aspects of registering a holding company in Slovakia is that the shareholder can be a citizen or company from a non-EU country.  Companies located in offshore jurisdictions can also act as shareholders in holding companies in Slovakia.
Holding companies are also subject to a special taxation regime under which dividend payments are not taxed. Under the Income Tax Law in Slovakia, dividend payments are exempt from taxation if they are paid to a shareholder, a participant in the executive or supervisory body of a Slovak company. This is also the case of holding companies owning shares in their subsidiaries.

Types of assets a holding can own

The holding company is a favorable entity that can be used for tax optimization purposes, due to the types of assets it can own. Among these, we mention the following:
  1. real estate which is one of the most valuable assets of such a company, given the fact that many of them are large commercial buildings;
  2. shares in other companies through which holdings can expand their capital in a fast manner;
  3. intellectual property rights are also among the assets that can be held by a Slovak holding company;
  4. other types of properties that can be managed by one or more subsidiary companies.
The creation of a holding company in Slovakia comes with many advantages. On one hand there is the access to the European Union infrastructure and legislation, and on the other hand international agreements under which such businesses can still obtain a favorable taxation system.
Slovakia’s tax system also favors foreign investors which makes quite competitive among other European countries with similar economies.

Activities that can be completed by a holding company in Slovakia

There is an important difference between a company that develops various activities in Slovakia and a holding one. It consists in the fact that the holding cannot engage in commercial operations. This type of entity will usually own stock in other local or foreign businesses, managing and controlling these companies called subsidiaries. Its main advantage implies obtaining dividends, interests, and royalties that are distributed among the shareholders.
If you want to create a holding company in Slovakia and need assistance, you can rely on our company formation consultants who can advise on its creation.


The EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive in Slovakia

Slovakia adopted the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive which applies to holding companies here registered under the form of private limited liability companies, corporations or joint stock companies and limited partnerships. Also, the holding company must own at least 10% of the voting capital in the subsidiary located in another EU country.
In order to be applicable, it is important for the subsidiary company to be a tax resident of the country where it has its legal seat, while the Slovak holding company must have its legal address and be a tax resident of Slovakia. Another requirement is for none of the companies to be tax residents of non-EU states or by means of double taxation agreements with non-EU countries.
Holding companies in Slovakia can also take advantage of Slovakia’s bilateral investment agreements with various countries.
Our company registration advisors in Slovakia can offer more information the various promotion agreements applicable to holding companies.

The subsidiary of a Slovak holding company

Foreign companies seeking to operate on the Slovak market can open subsidiary enterprises, a terms that is also employed for entities subordinated to holding companies. There is an important difference between the two of them:


  • - the subsidiary of a holding company will complete its activities under the control of the parent business;
  • - the subsidiary established by a foreign company without a major participation will complete independent activities, in accordance with the Slovak legislation.
Even if a subsidiary of a holding company will also respect Slovak laws, it must also comply with international regulations, including those applicable in the parent company’s home state.
It is important to make a clear distinction between the two types of subsidiaries, as in the case of Slovak holdings there is also the EU Directive that provides for certain advantages, mainly associated with tax benefits.
Our local agents are at the service of foreign companies seeking to enter the Slovak market by establishing subsidiaries, as well as holding interested in branching out their operations.
A holding company with its headquarters in Slovakia can also expand its operations by setting up subsidiaries in other European countries. Our company formation experts can advise in such matters, as well in the light of EU directives applicable in a uniform manner across the Union.

Taxation of holding companies in Slovakia

Holding companies can be used as tax minimization vehicles through the Parent-Subsidiary Directive, but also thanks to the fact that their shareholders can be exempt from the withholding tax on dividends.
If the requirements to fall under the conditions of the two tax minimization solutions do not apply, the holding company will be subject to:
  • - the standard corporate tax which is levied at a rate of 21%;
  • - a 19% withholding tax on interest payments (unless a double tax treaty applies);
  • - a 19% withholding tax on royalties payments (provided that a reduced rate applies under a double tax agreement);
  • - a 19% tax on fees for technical advisory services provided by non-residents.
Our Slovak company formation agents can offer more information on the taxation of a holding company.

Advantages of opening a Slovak holding company

There are many advantages when forming a holding company in Slovakia and some of the most important benefits are the following: 
  1. Tax exemption for dividend income (if the profits are being paid to one of the shareholders, a supervising member, or a member of the executive body).
  2. There is no restriction to the nationality of the Slovak companies’ owners.
  3. The holding company is protected from the losses of its subsidiaries and it cannot be pursued for remuneration.
  4. Lower tax rates (if some parts of the business are strategically based in sectors with lower taxes).
  5. Another advantage in a Slovak holding company formation is that the managers of the subsidiaries are responsible for their own operations and therefore the holding company is not liable for them.
In order to receive complete information on how to startup a holding company in Slovakia, you can contact our company incorporation specialists in Slovakia. You may also ask for further details about the advantages of forming this type of legal structure.

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