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The Share Capital in Slovakia

Updated on Monday 18th December 2017

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Many foreign investors choose to start a business in Slovakia as its economy is one of the fastest growing in the whole Europe. Furthermore, the cheap and skilled workforce, the convenient flat tax rate and also the geographical position, make the Slovak Republic a country with many advantages in what investment is concerned. Regarding the share capital in Slovakia, foreign investors should know that the amount that has to be paid depends on the type of business that they choose to incorporate. In order to form a company in Slovakia as soon as possible it is recommended to ask for the counsel of a team of Slovak company formation experts.

Types of Slovak business entities

There are various ways of doing business in the Slovak Republic and each type of legal entity usually has a different share capital that has to be paid. The most commonly incorporated are the following: the limited liability company, the joint stock company and foreign investors can also opt for establishing a branch office for a parent-company overseas. 
Any individual of any nationality and residence can be a shareholder or a director in a Slovak company and the legal structure itself has to hold a registered office in the area. 
Our company formation agents can guide you through the procedures needed for a startup in Slovakia and can offer you complete details about the share capital needed for each type of company.

The share capital for Slovak companies

Opening companies in Slovakia requires the submitting of some documents, notarizing them, the registration with different Slovak authorities and also a minimum share capital (the sum depending on the type of the incorporated company):
the Slovak limited liability company is the most often established company and it can be incorporated by minimum one director and at least one shareholder; the required share capital to start an LLC is 5,000 euro which must be paid at the time of incorporation;
● the joint stock company can be either private or public and it requires at least one director and one shareholder; this type of business setup requires at least 25,000 euro share capital;
● the Slovak branch office is only allowed to conduct business activities with the condition to state the planned future activities upon incorporation; the branch must have at least an office manager for the overseeing of the company’s operations in the country; there is no demand for a share capital.
You can contact our company incorporation experts so as to receive full information about the share capital in Slovakia, as well as assistance throughout the process of a Slovak company formation.

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