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The Regional Investment Aid Law in Slovakia

Updated on Friday 07th December 2018

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The-Regional-Investment-Aid-Law-in-Slovakia.jpgThe Slovak government is very keen on attracting foreign direct investments, which is why the legislation provides for several incentives for overseas entrepreneurs and companies interested in doing business here.

One of the latest regulations enabled by the government is the Regional Investment Aid Act which provides for a series of incentives for those interested in opening companies in Slovakia.

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Who can benefit from the new Slovak Regional Investment Aid Act?

The Regional Investment Aid Law provides for incentives for entrepreneurs who want to open new companies in Slovakia, but also for those who already activate on the local market and who want to expand their activities.

The new regulation targets investments in less developed regions in Slovakia and is based on incentives granted to companies and enterprisers who want to set up companies in these regions in accordance with the Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization and Industry.

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The provisions of the Regional Investment Aid Law in Slovakia

The conditions applied to foreign and local entrepreneurs who want to start investment projects under the new Regional Investment Aid Act were issued in July and provide for:

  1.           the investment can be provided under the form of leasing or renting real estate property at a lower value than the market value of the property;
  2.           entrepreneurs and companies are no longer required to create new jobs in the respective region;
  3.           the costs related to investments and wages of employees can be supported by the program;
  4.           companies can also combine the creation of technology centers with industrial sites under the new program;
  5.           companies investing in real estate are required to purchase an insurance for the property;
  6.           the regions in which investments can be made have been enlarged, and the districts in which these investments are placed can also comprise adjacent locations.

The aids granted under the new Regional Investment Law in Slovakia can be granted as tax reliefs and subsidies.

For more information on the new Regional Investment Aid Law or assistance in setting up a company, please contact our Slovak company formation advisors.


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