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Tax Advisor in Slovakia

Updated on Monday 14th March 2022

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Tax-Advisor-in-SlovakiaMoving to Slovakia or starting a business here is not difficult, however, when dealing with taxes, the simplest way to handle such matters is to ask for help. A tax advisor in Slovakia can assist foreign citizens and investors completing various activities here.
For businessmen who open companies in Slovakia, a tax advisor can provide guidance in various financial matters. Below, you can find out how our company formation and tax specialists in Slovakia can help you.

Understanding the Slovak taxation system

Living, working, and doing business in Slovakia implies paying various taxes. The personal, corporate and value added taxes are the most important levies. With rates of 19% and 25% for incomes obtained by individuals, a 21% rate applied on corporate profits, and a standard rate of 20% of the VAT, these are the main levies to consider here.
In 2021, new regulations have been approved by the government, which is why the services of a tax advisor in Slovakia can be very useful.
Foreign entrepreneurs establishing businesses in Slovakia may find the changes in the tax system difficult to understand. This is one of the most common reasons for requesting tax and accounting services. Clients can benefit from the expertise of our tax consultants in Slovakia not only in understanding the new rules, but in applying them.
We are also at your service with company registration services in Slovakia.

Services provided by a tax advisor in Slovakia

When looking for a Slovak tax advisor, it is important to choose an accountant or auditor who has experience in his/her field. That is why we provide personalized services related to tax, accounting, payroll, and other critical areas to all businesses.
Here are some of the services you can rely on when contracting a tax advisor in Slovakia:
  1. tax consultancy and planning to assist you in structuring the financial aspects of your business;
  2. accounting and bookkeeping services for your company, so you always know how your company is doing financially;
  3. payroll and HR services, which are an integrating part of a company's accounting system and are strictly regulated in Slovakia;
  4. statutory audit and internal audit services for Slovak companies;
  5. preparation and filing of financial statements to ensure compliance with Slovak tax regulations.
Our local specialists are also at the service of foreign nationals who want to relocate to Slovakia and need to register for taxation.
If you want to open a company in Slovakia, we can provide tailored support in this sense.

Tax and business planning for your Slovak company

Business and tax planning are important from the first days of starting a business in Slovakia. For this purpose, a tax advisor in Slovakia can provide personalized specialized advice based on your company's particularities, profile, and the industry in which it operates. A tax consultant can also provide financial planning services that come with numerous advantages not only when launching an enterprise, but also when expanding it or developing new products and services.
Slovakia is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), so accountants and auditors here can provide their services in accordance with the strictest international standards.

Recent changes in the Slovak tax legislation

 The beginning of 2022 came with certain changes in the tax laws approved since 2021 which provide for the following:
  • - the minimum taxable income for companies has been lowered to 49,790 euros from the previous 100,000 euros;
  • - those entering this category will pay a reduced corporate tax of 15%;
  • - the withholding tax in Slovakia is levied at a rate of 19%.
For tailored support from a tax advisor in Slovakia, do not hesitate to contact us.

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