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Shareholders of Slovak Companies

Updated on Friday 16th December 2022

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Shareholders of Slovak Companies
Shareholders of Slovak companies have proprietorship rights which enable their shares in a business to be sold, bought or transferred. Shareholders in Slovakia also have certain responsibilities and play an important role in running smoothly a business and growing the shareholder value. In this article, our company formation specialists in Slovakia outline some of the main characteristics of the shareholders of Slovak businesses.

What are the rights of shareholders in Slovakia?

Shareholders in Slovakia have, among others, the following rights:
Basic rights, which include:
    o the right to get important and practical details on an organization in time and regularly;
    o participation and vote in the general shareholder meetings;
    o election and removal of board members;
    o the right to secure ownership registration methods;
    o the right to transfer shares;
    o sharing the company profits;
Participation in decisions relating fundamental business changes, and the right to be informed on these changes;
The chance to take part efficiently in decisions relating to payment of board members and important executives;
Shareholders in Slovakia have the right to take part commendably and to vote in general shareholder meetings and have to be kept up to date with the regulations which rule the general shareholder meetings;
Capital structures and preparations which allow some shareholders to obtain a control degree which is unequal with these shareholders' equity ownership have to be announced ;
Other rights. Our Slovak company formation advisors can offer more details on what these other rights consist of.

Minority shareholders in Slovakia

According to the Commercial Code in Slovakia, minority shareholders of a Slovak corporation have to be protected from abusive conducts by the majority shareholders. 
Minority shareholders in this country should have effective redress means. Effective redress means can include:
The possibility to utilize collective voting in the board member elections;
The right to acquire newly issued company shares;
Other rights. We can offer more details regarding these other rights.

Shareholding requirements for private limited liability companies in Slovakia

A Slovak private limited liability company can have a minimum of one shareholder, however, it is common for such an entity to have several founding members.  The following limitations apply to one shareholder:
  • - a natural person may not be a sole shareholder position in more than three limited liability companies; 
  • - a limited liability company owned by a sole shareholder cannot be a shareholder in another limited liability company.
Also, this legal entity can have a maximum number of 50 stockholders. Each shareholder must contribute a minimum of EUR 750 toward the registered capital, which must be at least EUR 5,000. Contributions may be monetary or non-monetary, and the latter must be valued by an authorized evaluator.
By far, the private company is the most employed type of company in Slovakia due to the simple registration requirements. However, when it comes to the shareholding regulation, it is best to verify with our specialists the requirements and restrictions imposes, such as the above.
Feel free to address our Slovak company formation officers for complete information on the appointment of shareholders for this type of business form.

Shareholders in public companies in Slovakia


A single shareholder, who must be a legal person, may establish a joint stock company in Slovakia; however, joint-stock corporations can have at least two or more founders if they are natural persons.
Public companies can issue various types of shares. These shares are usually issued in two forms:
  • - documentary;
  • - book-entered.
In order to prohibit anonymous shareholding in a Slovak joint stock company, the legislation also permits the issuance of bearer shares, which must only be in the book-entered form.
The minimum registered capital for joint stock companies in Slovakia is EUR25,000. The benefit of this type of legal form is that through the sale of its shares, it can raise the funds required for carrying out its  business operations.
Slovak public companies have no restrictions when it comes to the number of shareholders they can have.
The regulations for shareholders in Slovakia are strictly regulated by the Company Act, so if you have any questions, you can ask our company registration agents about its contents.

Participants in other legal forms in Slovakia

The sole trader and the partnership are the other legal forms that can be employed to start a business in Slovakia. However, these do not have shareholders.
In the case of the sole trader, he or she will be the sole participant in the business, and from a shareholding point of view, he or she will be the one contributing to the capital and also bear liability for the business’ debts and obligations.
In the case of partnerships, these can be:
  • - general;
  • - limited.
In both business forms participants are called partners. So, when it comes to shareholders in Slovakia, these are called so through the nature of their participation through shares in private and public companies.
If you want to open a company in Slovakia and need support, please contact our local consultants.

Economy review for Slovakia

After several years during which the entire European economy has seen decline, 2022 was the first year to register sustainable growth. In the case of Slovakia, data gathered by the OECD notes that:
  • - 2022 is set end with an economic growth of 1.6%;
  • - 2023 is expected to bring a 0.5% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increase;
  • - 2024 is projected for the economy to grow by 2.1%, as Slovakia is expected to absorb more EU funds, thus consolidating its investments.
For further information related to the rights and roles of Slovak company shareholders, please get in touch with our Slovakia company formation professionals.

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