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Shareholders of Slovak Companies

Updated on Monday 18th December 2017

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shareholders-of-slovak-companies.jpgShareholders of Slovak companies have proprietorship rights which enable their shares in a business to be sold, bought or transferred. Shareholders in Slovakia also have certain responsibilities and play an important role in running smoothly a business and growing the shareholder value. In this article, our company formation specialists in Slovakia outline some of the main characteristics of the shareholders of Slovak businesses.

What are the rights of shareholders in Slovakia?

Shareholders in Slovakia have, among others, the following rights:
Basic rights, which include:
    o the right to get important and practical details on an organization in time and regularly;
    o participation and vote in the general shareholder meetings;
    o election and removal of board members;
    o the right to secure ownership registration methods;
    o the right to transfer shares;
    o sharing the company profits;
Participation in decisions relating fundamental business changes, and the right to be informed on these changes;
The chance to take part efficiently in decisions relating to payment of board members and important executives;
Shareholders in Slovakia have the right to take part commendably and to vote in general shareholder meetings and have to be kept up to date with the regulations which rule the general shareholder meetings;
Capital structures and preparations which allow some shareholders to obtain a control degree which is unequal with these shareholders' equity ownership have to be announced ;
Other rights. Our Slovak company formation advisors can offer more details on what these other rights consist of.

Minority shareholders in Slovakia

According to the Commercial Code in Slovakia, minority shareholders of a Slovak corporation have to be protected from abusive conducts by the majority shareholders. 
Minority shareholders in this country should have effective redress means. Effective redress means can include:
The possibility to utilize collective voting in the board member elections;
The right to acquire newly issued company shares;
Other rights. We can offer more details regarding these other rights.
For further information related to the rights and roles of Slovak company shareholders, please get in touch with our Slovakia company formation professionals.

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