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Set up a Transportation Company in Slovakia

Updated on Wednesday 06th May 2020

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Set up a Transportation Company in SlovakiaThe infrastructure of Slovakia is suitable to accommodate the intense transportation activity which takes place in this country, which is to be found at the center of the European Union. The transportation sector in Slovakia has access to a developed system of highways and roads, a railway system of 3.662 km, 37 airports and a port on the river Danube at Komarno.

If you intend to set up a transportation company in Slovakia you will have the advantage of operating from a very good location in Europe and with a wide variety of options in terms of transportation means. Our experts in company formation in Slovakia can assist you with the registration process for your enterprise.

Transport legislation in Slovakia

Investors in Slovakia who intend to enter the transportation sector will have to be familiarized with the legislation in this country which refers to this business domain. One of the most important international conventions which regulate the road transport of goods in Slovakia is the TIR Convention, which was promulgated in the Slovak Republic as No. 144/1982 Coll. This convention is very important in trade with countries from outside the European Union, such as Turkey, China or Russia, and it has less impact in Europe, because the Union is considered a single customs unit.
Other transportation regulations applicable to Slovakia are governed by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) from Geneva. If you want to open a company in Slovakia in this sector, you will need to follow both the Slovakian legal requirements and the international policies concerning transport.

Our consultants in company formation in Slovakia can give you more details on the particularities of the transport legislation in this country.

What are the requirements to register a transportation company in Slovakia?

In order to conduct business in the transportation sector in Slovakia, an investor needs to apply for specific licenses. Providers orf charter bus transportation and taxi services must apply for a trade license to the local Trade License Office. A freight road transportation license is issued for a specific number of vehicles, on which you will need to provide several identification data such as the number and the type of the vehicle. The workers employed by a transportation company must as well prove their qualifications through a certificate issued by the Regional Transport Office. 
For the registration of a transportation company in Slovakia, the investor needs to make a name reservation and to choose the most suitable business structure. You might be required to demonstrate your financial backing which allows you to convert your business strategy in a successful transportation enterprise
Please contact our experts in company registration in Slovakia for assistance with the business formation procedures in this country and for more information on the obtaining of transportation licenses for your enterprise.  

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