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Residence Permit in Slovakia

Updated on Monday 14th February 2022

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residence-permit-in-slovakia.jpgCitizens of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland who have the intention of residing here for a time period of more than 90 days can do so without being issued a residence permit in Slovakia. If these citizens wish to stay in the country for more than 90 days, they can apply for a card which confirms their permanent residence permit in Slovakia. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in Slovakia may also apply for a residence permit.
A residence permit in Slovakia is necessary for a foreign national (who originates from a country outside the EU, EEA or other than Switzerland) who intends to reside in the country for more than three months. In order to receive the residence permit in Slovakia, the foreign citizen has to apply personally at the Slovak Embassy in his or her country, before coming to Slovakia. 
There are three types of residence permits in Slovakia:
  • Temporary residence permit;
  • Permanent residence permit;
  • Tolerated stay.
If you want to move to Slovakia and want to apply for a temporary residence permit in 2022, our specialists can guide you.

Temporary residence permit in Slovakia

The temporary residence permit in Slovakia can be granted to foreign citizens for the following purposes:
  • Business;
  • Being employed;
  • For studying in Slovakia;
  • For family reunion;
  • EU Blue Card;
  • For civilian units of the armed forces;
  • For a particular activity;
  • For research and development;
  • The statute of a Slovak living abroad.
Our company formation advisors in Slovakia can offer more information on what these particular purposes consist of.

Permanent residence permit in Slovakia in 2022

There are four categories of permanent residence permits in Slovakia, as listed below:
  • Permanent residence permit for five years;
  • Permanent residence permit in Slovakia for unlimited time period;
  • Permanent residence permit in Slovakia for a long-term residence in the country;
  • • Permanent residence permit for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens.
The permanent residence permit in Slovakia in2022 gives a foreign citizen certain significant rights, such as:
  • Being able to participate in regional elections and to be elected;
  • Permission to work in the EU and Switzerland without having to be issued a work permit, pretty much in the same manner as a regular Slovak citizen;
  • Performing certain activities, e.g.: study, being employed based on a contract and ability to carry on business;
  • Other rights. Our Slovak company formation professionals can provide details in regards to what these other rights are.
Applying for a residence permit in Slovakia in 2022 is simple and easy, and if you have questions you can direct them to our local consultants.

Why move to Slovakia in 2022?

Slovakia is one of the most appealing European countries to move to and obtain residence in 2022. Apart from the simplified procedure, foreign persons can easily find employment and even start their own businesses in this country.
Those who plan to take this important step must know that the procedure of obtaining Slovak residency has not changed in 2022 and entire support can be provided by our agents who can also help with the formalities which can be completed in just a few weeks.
For complete information in regards to the other type of residence permit in Slovakia, as well as the eligibility criteria for the residence permit in this country, we invite you to contact our Slovakia company formation advisors. 

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