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Open an IT Company in Slovakia

Updated on Monday 18th December 2017

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Open-an-IT-company-in-SlovakiaThe IT legislation in Slovakia allows foreign enterprisers and legal entities to establish companies, respectively set up operations in this country provided that a general license has been attained from the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications. Setting up an IT company in Slovakia is easy once the compulsory company registration steps have been completed.

 Our Slovak company formation agents can help you with the registration procedure by preparing the incorporation documents and filing them with the local Trade Registry.

The IT Law in Slovakia

Considering the large specter of activities an IT company can undertake, it is important to know the main legal framework applicable for supplying this type of services. EU Directives must also be taken into consideration, as many Slovak IT companies provide their services in other EU countries as well. The main law governing the supply of Internet-related services is the Electronic Communications Act. Under this law, a company is allowed to apply for the authorization for using a certain frequency. The law also establishes that an IT company must specify in the contract signed with a client the type of service offered, the place where the service will be supplied and the price.

In 2014, the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications renewed the types of authorizations one can apply for when opening an IT company in Slovakia.

Licensing of a Slovak IT company

There are two main types of authorizations or licenses the Slovak Ministry can grant to an IT company: a general one or an individual one. However, the most employed type of license is the general one. This authorization has now been concentrated in 12 subcategories. Among these IT companies can use:

  • -          VPR 01/2014 authorizations for using mobile terminals;
  • -          VPR 03/2014 authorizations for using satellite terminals;
  • -          VPR 06/2014 authorizations for using Wireless Access Systems/ Radio Local Area Networks (WAS/RLAN).

Those who file for one of the authorizations above must also specify the categories of networks and services they will use.

For complete information about the documents required to apply for a telecommunications license in Slovakia, you can contact our local representatives.

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