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Open an e-Commerce Company in Slovakia

Updated on Wednesday 06th May 2020

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Open-an-e-Commerce-Company-in-Slovakia.jpgThe internet has become one of the most attractive ways of performing business activities, as it provides a set of advantages, such as a greater flexibility in doing business and addressing to a larger consumer market. An e-commerce company in Slovakia is established to provide commercial services to its clients. E-commerce businesses can provide services or products to international clients, at lower costs. Businessmen interested in opening an e-commerce business in Slovakia are advised to set up a company in the online environment, as this type of commercial activity has developed at a fast pace. Our team of Slovakian company formation representatives can offer assistance for the incorporation of an online business

Register a company in Slovakia 

Even though an e-commerce business handles its operations in the online environment, the investor will have to register the company following the registration procedure available for regular companies. That means that he or she should register under one of the following legal entities available in Slovakia for commercial activities
general partnership;
limited partnership;
joint stock company. 
It is important to know that businessmen can also represent themselves through a sole proprietorship, which is the simplest form to register a company
The company must be registered at the Commercial Register, for taxation purposes and social insurance, but it also must open a corporate bank account, in which the minimum share capital will be deposited; our team of Slovakian company formation agents can offer more details on how to open a corporate bank account. 

Open a website in Slovakia  

In order to conduct on-line commercial activities, the company will have to be represented by a website, which will act as the interface between the company and the clients. If the company carries out commercial activities, the website should be set up as an on-line shop, with the possibility of providing online documents to the client, attesting the validity of that particular sale. 
The internet country code top-level domain in Slovakia is .sk and the registrations are only applicable for entities registered in this country. The owner of a Slovakian website can be either a person who has an address in Slovakia or a legal entity incorporated here. 
Businessmen who are interested in receiving more details on how to open an e-commerce company in Slovakia can contact our team of Slovakian company incorporation consultants

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