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Open a Restaurant in Slovakia

Updated on Thursday 06th June 2019

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Open-a-Restaurant-in-Slovakia.jpgForeign businessmen who are interested in the catering industry in Slovakia should know that if they want to establish a restaurant here they can incorporate the restaurant according to the general registration process available for any other type of company.

However, companies set up in this industry have to obtain special permits and licenses which will regulate their activity according to the stipulations of the local law. Investors who need to receive more information on the registration of a restaurant in Slovakia can address their requests to our team of Slovakian company formation specialists, who can provide their assistance for various corporate matters. 

With a vast experience in company registration in various industries, our local consultants can help foreign and local entrepreneurs interested in setting up restaurants in Slovakia.

Suitable business forms for running a restaurant in Slovakia

The food industry is quite developed in Slovakia and not only in terms of restaurants, as many other businesses offering food services can be set up here. This why, foreign businessperson must consider the best type of structure for their restaurants. One of the most important things to consider when opening a restaurant in Slovakia is its size.

The following business forms are available in Slovakia and among them, foreign enterprisers will find it easy to consider one when opening a restaurant here:

  • - the limited liability company which is similar to LLCs in other countries, therefore very familiar to use;
  • - the partnership which can is suitable for those interested in having a local partner who knows the market;
  • - the joint venture which is suitable for foreign restaurant businesses seeking to associate with local companies;
  • - the franchise which guarantees the success of a local brand by expanding it in Slovakia;
  • - the sole proprietorship which is suitable for small restaurants and catering businesses in Slovakia.

It is possible for a foreign entrepreneur to use the sole trader for starting a restaurant in Slovakia and then change the business form into a limited liability company. Our company registration consultants in Slovakia can help with the procedure.

Register a Slovakian company as a restaurant

Entrepreneurs who want to open a Slovakian company carrying activities as a catering provider will have to register a trading name at the Commercial Register where the company will be situated. 

The next step is to choose a legal entity representing the restaurant and draft the statutory documents of the company, which will offer information on the activities of the company, its shareholders and the liabilities they have in respect to their company and many other aspects. The documents will have to be notarized by a public notary in Slovakia; our Slovakian company formation agents can assist you with information on the company’s documents. 

After this, it is compulsory to register for trade licenses, income tax and health insurance, a process which can be completed by submitting one document at the Trade Licensing Office; the entrepreneur should then register for the local taxation system at the Tax Authority Office

Another necessary aspect is to open a bank account and establish a business address. 

Obtain licenses for a Slovakian restaurant 

Companies established as restaurants in Slovakia are required to obtain various licenses, which will testify that the establishment respects the provisions of the local legislation. The establishment will need to obtain a license attesting that the employee handles the food in accordance with legal requirements.

The food products and alcohol sold in the restaurant will also require permits. In the situation in which the restaurant will offer entertainment services for weddings or other events, they have to be carried out in accordance with specific regulations, on which investors can receive assistance from our company formation specialists

Obtaining a food license for a Slovak restaurant

As mentioned earlier, a restaurant business is subject to various licensing criteria in Slovakia. One of them refers to obtaining a food license which is also known as a catering and preparation od ready meals permit.

There are various conditions to obtain such a license under the Trades Law in Slovakia. These conditions imply the following:

  1. having the legal age of 18, a clean criminal record and the mental capacity of pursuing such a trade;
  2. registering a business with the Companies Register in Slovakia (the general business license is issued within 3 days);
  3. obtaining a certificate of apprenticeship or any other relevant document which certifies the qualifications of preparing food;
  4. alternatively, two years of experience can serve as proof for those who have not attended specific courses;
  5. foreign businesspersons can have their qualifications in the food industry recognized with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport in Slovakia;
  6. obtain an approval from the Regional Public Health Authority for using the premises for preparing food.

The special license for a restaurant in Slovakia can be used for the following:

  • - preparing hot and cold meals;
  • - offering catering services;
  • - preparing and serving various types of drinks (non-alcoholic beverages);
  • - industrial production of canned food;
  • - preparing and selling fast food;
  • - preparing and selling food products and drinks to accommodation providers (such as hotels);
  • - manufacturing of and selling various types of non-alcoholic drinks, but also beer.

In order to obtain the trade license, the Slovak company will need to pay a fee, however, this does not exceed 20 euros.

The following documents need to be filed with the Slovak tax authorities when paying the trade license fee:

  • - the document related to the qualifications of the owner or of the person responsible for the establishment;
  • - the authorization for using the property hosting the restaurant for the activities mentioned in the license;
  • - a statement which provides for the clean criminal record of the applicant;
  • - other relevant documents, as requested by the authorities.

If you decide to start a restaurant business in Slovakia and need assistance, our agents are at your disposal with specialized services.

Why open a restaurant in Slovakia?

Slovakia attracts many tourists every year which is why the number of restaurants has increased substantially in the last few years. Among all Slovak cities, the capital Bratislava is by far the most prolific in this industry. According to statistics, the restaurant industry in Slovakia looks like this:

  • - the food industry is generally made of restaurants, bars, cafes and catering businesses;
  • - between 2011 and 2017 the restaurant sector increased spectacularly in Slovakia;
  • - by 2023, this industry is expected to grow to a revenue of approximately 1,45 million USD.

The requirements for obtaining a food catering license are not very extensive, however, one must pay attention to the documents which need to be prepared. Our Slovak company formation specialists can advise in these matters.

If you need further information on the restaurant industry in Slovakia, please contact our team of Slovakian company incorporation consultans


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