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Open a Real Estate Agency in Slovakia

Updated on Monday 18th December 2017

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open-a-real-estate-agency-in-slovakia.jpgViewed as the new rising star in the property industry in the Central and Eastern Europe region, Slovakia is one of the leaders in the real estate sector of the region. In 2014 the total amount of real estate trades reached EU 610 million, and in 2015 – EU 412 million, with foreign investors being extremely interested in a still as they consider an undervalued market compared to the other European ones. With beautiful surroundings, available financing, low costs of living and a geographic location right in the heart of Europe, as well as reduced restrictions when it comes to real estate foreign ownership, Slovakia is a prime destination for real estate investors coming from all over the world. 
Opening real estate agencies in Slovakia is fairly easy. Our Slovak company formation advisors can assist you in obtaining the necessary license if you intend to open this type of business in the country.

Requirements for real estate agencies in Slovakia

In order to get an authorization to open a real estate agency in Slovakia, an applicant must meet the requirements of the trade legislation in the country. Currently, running a real estate agency is a limited activity. These requirements are: a university degree in economics, engineering or law or minimum five years of experience in the field for either the executive director or the employed person who is hired according to an employment agreement. There are no other requirements in regards to education or membership in a professional organization when setting up a real estate agency in Slovakia. There is only one type of authorization which is required for all kinds of real estates, which is valid for all regions of the country. The real estate sector is very little regulated by the state. A Slovakia company formation specialist can offer more details on this matter. 

Opening a real estate business in Slovakia

The most common type of legal entity when opening a real estate agency in Slovakia is the limited liability company (S.R.O.) When starting such a business in Slovakia, the following aspects should be established:
What is the company name?
What is the amount of registered capital?
Who are its partners and their shares?
Who are the executive directors and what is the manner in which they represent the business?
What is the registered seat?
What is the line of business?
Licensed business activities such as real estate agencies must obtain their license separately. 
For immediate help regarding opening a real estate agency in the country, we invite you to get in touch with our company formation advisors in Slovakia.

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My clients were interested in starting a branch office in Slovakia. The team of specialists at CompanyFormationSlovakia.com was very helpful, offering us complete guidance.

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