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Open a Franchise Business in Slovakia

Updated on Wednesday 17th November 2021

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open-a-franchise-business-in-slovakia.jpgA franchise represents a partnership between a franchisor (the business owner) and a franchisee (a person). The franchisor’s intention is to expand his or her business, while the franchisee wants to run a business which is proven to be successful and which already has all the infrastructure set up. In this article, our company formation consultants in Slovakia analyze different aspects related to opening a franchise business in Slovakia.
The franchise is one of the best ways to invest in Slovakia.

Franchising in Slovakia

Franchise businesses in Slovakia are rapidly developing and operate in different sectors, such as fast food operations, hotels, business services and gas stations.
In Slovakia, there is no specific legislation related to franchising. Franchising agreements are considered to be commercial contracts and are governed by the Slovak Commercial Code. Our Slovak company formation advisors can offer more details on this Code, as well as assistance related to starting a franchise business in Slovakia.
At the present, it is a great momentum to enter the market, however, franchisors need to be aware that franchise royalties and other mandatory payments should be adjusted to the country’s small market.
They should also provide various financial options, since the most promising local entrepreneurs’ financial resources can be quite limited.
The Slovak Franchise Association sustains the franchising development in the country for current members, as well as businesses which are planning to implement franchising in Slovakia in the future.
The main objective of the association is to enable the existence of appropriate franchising conditions for franchisers and franchisees in the local market.

Benefits of a franchise in Slovakia

There are numerous advantages which come with buying a franchise in Slovakia. Our Slovakia company formation agents can further inform you on what these advantages consist of and can help you open a company in Slovakia as a franchise. They can also help you open a bank account in Slovakia for your new franchising business.
For example, the products which are sold are already appreciated.
Also, there is no need to worry about how much you can charge your customers for your product or service. Nor should you worry about designing a logo, or writing the sales material.
These all have already been created by the franchisor. All you have to do is run the business on a daily basis.
In case you would like to know more about franchising in Slovakia, or for assistance in setting up a business in this country, please speak to our friendly company formation representatives in Slovakia.

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