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Liaison Office in Slovakia

Updated on Wednesday 06th May 2020

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A liaison office (which is also known as a representative office), is a structure through which a legal entity can establish its presence in a specific country, where it does not have license of operating yet, for a limited purpose. Thus, this structure does not carry on any direct business operations. In case you are seeking for assistance in opening a liaison office in Slovakia, you can contact our experts in company formation.

Allowed activities of a liaison office in Slovakia

Given the fact that such an office is dependent and subordinated to a foreign company, a liaison office can carry on only a number of activities.
  1. A representative office in Slovakia is allowed to represent the parent legal entity or group of companies.
  2. It can also promote import and export to or from Slovakia.
  3. Another operation that is allowed to be conducted by a liaison office is promoting a financial or a technical collaboration between the two companies (the parent and the representative).
  4. Furthermore, it can act as a channel of communication between the Slovak companies and the parent one.
To conclude, the main purpose of such an entity in should be solely for advertising, supplying information, market research etc.
For further details on how to form a liaison office or start other types of business forms in Slovakia, please contact our specialists in company incorporation matters.

Registration of a liaison office in Slovakia

When a foreign investor decides to open a liaison office in the Slovak Republic, some steps need to be followed.
The most important phase is the registration of the establishment that acts on behalf of the parent company with the Commercial Register. 
A registration application must be filed and it has to include the detailed activities that are to be operated in the country, as well as the reasons for establishing the liaison office in the Slovak Republic and other specifications.  Our experts in company formation in Slovakia can help you complete this process in a few days.
You can find out all the information you need to know about a Slovak company formation from our team of consultants in company formation in Slovakia.

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