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Liaison Office in Slovakia

Updated on Tuesday 19th December 2023

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Liaison Office in Slovakia

A liaison office (which is also known as a representative office), is a structure through which a legal entity can establish its presence in a specific country, where it does not have license of operating yet, for a limited purpose. Thus, this structure does not carry on any direct business operations. In case you are seeking for assistance in opening a liaison office in Slovakia, you can contact our experts in company formation.
 Quick Facts  
 Applicable legislation  Slovak Company Law


The liaison office depends on the parent company and holds no legal status.

 Uses of a liaison office

- market research,

- feasibility studies,

- contact point, etc.

 Restrictions of a representative office (if any)  Yes, a Slovak representative office cannot complete commercial operations.
 Minimum share capital (YES/NO)


Local representative required (YES/NO) 

Yes, a local representative must be used for this type of entity.

 Documents to be filed by parent company

- Incorporation Certificate copies,

- contract for local registered address,

- personal information of the local representative

 Local address requirement (YES/NO) Yes, a Slovak liaison office must have a local address.


 Authority to be enrolled with

Company Registrar

 Liability of the parent company The foreign company is liable for the liaison office in Slovakia.
 Taxation of a liaison office in Slovakia

 No taxes are to be paid by a representative office.

 Possibility of hiring local staff (YES/NO)


 Travel requirements for setting up a representative office (YES/NO)

 No, the liaison office can be registered by the Slovak agent.

 Advantages of a liaison office

- simple creation procedure,

- useful market testing tool

Support in opening a representative office  Yes, we can assist with the establishment of a representative office in Slovakia.

Allowed activities of a liaison office in Slovakia

Given the fact that such an office is dependent and subordinated to a foreign company, a liaison office can carry on only a number of activities.
  1. A representative office in Slovakia is allowed to represent the parent legal entity or group of companies.
  2. It can also promote import and export to or from Slovakia.
  3. Another operation that is allowed to be conducted by a liaison office is promoting a financial or a technical collaboration between the two companies (the parent and the representative).
  4. Furthermore, it can act as a channel of communication between the Slovak companies and the parent one.
A liaison office in Slovakia is limited to completing support activities for the parent company, such as commercial activities (marketing, promotion, and advertising). Additionally, the office can offer information for research projects or other similar initiatives that serve only as auxiliary functions for the foreign corporation.

If you need more information on the establishment of a representative office in Slovakia, our local consultants can advise you.

To conclude, the main purpose of such an entity in should be solely for advertising, supplying information, market research etc.
For further details on how to form a liaison office or start other types of business forms in Slovakia, please contact our specialists in company incorporation matters.

Registration of a liaison office in Slovakia

When a foreign investor decides to open a liaison office in the Slovak Republic, some steps need to be followed.
The most important phase is the registration of the establishment that acts on behalf of the parent company with the Commercial Register. 
A registration application must be filed and it has to include the detailed activities that are to be operated in the country, as well as the reasons for establishing the liaison office in the Slovak Republic and other specifications.  Our experts in company formation in Slovakia can help you complete this process in a few days. 
We also have an infographic on the representative office:
The Representative Office in Slovakia

Documents required to set up a Slovak liaison office

Just like other business forms, the representative office in Slovakia must also register with the Companies Registrar, namely with the local office in the city it will operate. The documents a foreign company must file for the creation of a liaison office are:
  • - a decision to open the office;
  • - copy of the parent business Articles of Association and of its Certificate of Registration;
  • - the name of the officer representing the foreign company who can be Slovak resident or a foreign citizen who may or may not need a residence permit, depending on their nationality;
  • - proof of a physical address.
Feel free to ask for our company formation services in Slovakia if you want to use this business form.

Requirements for the parent company


Foreign companies interested in opening Slovak liaison offices must also comply with several requirements, as requested by the Company Law. Among these:
  1. they must be legally registered in their home countries;
  2. they must provide all the required documents by the Slovak authorities upon registration;
  3. they must secure local addresses for the Slovak liaison offices;
  4. they must appoint at least one officer to represent their interests;
  5. they must commit to not engage in commercial operation on Slovak territory.
You can also use our company as a representative for a liaison office in Slovakia.

Employment matters

The foreign company is allowed to hire personnel when setting up a representative office in Slovakia, however, these can be brought onboard aside from the local agent who will maintain the relation between the parent firm and the local authorities.
There is no limitation to the number of employees, however, it is usually a low one, because of the restricted operations such an office completes.
Also, any changes to the representative office, such as the appointed liaison person, the address, or the registered activity must be reported to the Trade Register.
In most cases, liaison offices are set up for limited periods of time during which the parent company can assess the activities of the Slovak establishment and decide whether this country suits their future activities or not.

Tax and VAT registration

Given its non-commercial nature, the liaison office can obtain a tax identification and a VAT number but not for taxation purposes. Registration with the tax authorities may help the parent company deduct some of its expenses with the representative office in Slovakia. Other than that, there are no taxes incurred when operating such an establishment.
If you need assistance in opening a liaison office, please do not doubt in asking for the support of our company registration agents in Slovakia. Here is also a video on this subject:

Why open a liaison office in Slovakia?


Slovakia is one of the emerging economies of the European Union, which is why, the number of companies registered here is on the rise. According to the Investment and Trade Development Agency:


  • - the country is expected to experience a 2.7% economic growth in 2023;
  • - it also occupies the 1st place in terms of export of goods in the EU area, with 90.2% of the products manufactured locally being sent to other EU nations;
  • - one of the most interesting facts is that Slovakia is among the first 20 countries in the world to use robots in production facilities.
You can find out all the information you need to know about a Slovak company formation from our team of consultants in company formation in Slovakia.

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