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Employment Contract in Slovakia

Updated on Monday 18th December 2017

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employment-contract-in-slovakia.jpgThe legal framework for employment in Slovakia is set by the Labor Code – Act 311/2011 Coll. and the anterior Acts. Our Slovakia company formation experts can provide complete guidance relating to the employment contracts in this country.  Companies that wish to hire employees in this country can recruit workers in the appropriate numbers and organization by own selection, or they can get the assistance of the Offices of labor, social affairs and family, workforce selection agencies and other type of organizations. 

Categories of employment contracts in Slovakia

Employment contracts in Slovakia can fall in the categories listed below:
Indefinite period employment contracts: these do not specify the duration of employment or the legal criteria for a temporary period contract are not met;
Temporary (defined) period contracts: they are signed for maximum three years;
Part-time employment contracts: the employer can stipulate a shorter working time than the statutory maximum working hours and the employee is paid accordingly;
Working from home and teleworking employment contracts: Our company formation professionals in Slovakia can offer more information on these contracts;
Employment contracts for students of a vocational school or organization.

General provisions of the employment contract in Slovakia

The employment contract in Slovakia has to be written in Slovak, even though a bilingual version can also be accepted. According to the current legislation, an employment contract in Slovakia has to contain:
1. The kind of work the employee is supposed to effectuate and its short description;
2. The place of work;
3. The place of employment;
4. The wages the employee is going to receive. 
5. Further conditions: these include salary payment conditions, working hours, holidays and notice period.
The Labor Code in Slovakia sets the frame for a maximum working time of 40 hours per week in usual industries, which can be prolonged to 56 hours per week in the health care industry. Usually, employees are granted four weeks of paid holiday for each calendar year, which can be increased to five weeks for employees who are 33 years of age and above. The Labor Code also specifies an entitlement for a minimum salary, depending on the kind of work that is effectuated and the amount of minimal salary specified by the Slovak Government (currently established at EUR 337.70 per month). 
For further details regarding the employment contract in Slovakia, please get in touch with our Slovak company formation advisors. 

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