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Company Due Diligence in Slovakia

Updated on Monday 18th December 2017

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Company Due Diligence in SlovakiaCompany due diligence in Slovakia refers to the evaluation process of a business from multiple points of view.  Before engaging in financial transactions with a Slovak company, a foreign investor uses due diligence procedures for evaluating the economic risks of entering in specific business relations. Due to the growing number of newly formed enterprises, company due diligence in Slovakia has become a business necessity. Due diligence can be performed by studying annual reports, balance sheets, customs filings and financial declarations.

Our specialists in company registration in Slovakia can provide clients with professional company due diligence services.     

The company due diligence procedure in Slovakia

The verification of a Slovak company usually begins with an inquiry at the Trade Register. This verification implies obtaining information about:

  • - the registered seat;
  • - the registration number;
  • - the type of enterprise;
  • - the number of shareholders;
  • - if the company is listed with the stock exchange;
  • - the business sector where it operates;
  • - the name of the company`s owner. 

Besides the basic information mentioned above, our company formation specialists in Slovakia can also obtain other relevant details about any company you intend to do business with. We can perform the following verifications:

  • - finding out information about the company's financial background;
  • - checking if the company has any debts;
  • - verifying if the company is involved in a lawsuit or in a bankruptcy procedure.

There are several types of company due diligence in Slovakia. These are the following:

•    financial company due diligence;
•    commercial company due diligence;
•    legal company due diligence

Situations which require due diligence in Slovakia

The situations which may require due diligence in Slovakia include:

•    searching for a supplier or contractor;
•    looking to close a business deal with a Slovak company;
•    when searching a Slovak partner to start a joint venture;
•    when interested in investing capital and purchasing shares at a local company;

If you want to verify all details related to a Slovak company before engaging in business activities, don`t hesitate to get in touch with our Slovak experts in company formation.


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